Carta da parati Elefante con cucciolo 2

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With this carta da parati elefante con cucciolo 2, you’ll transform the interior into a cosy space with a pleasant atmosphere.

This carta da parati elefante con cucciolo 2 is handmade and available in different types of wallpaper. You always receive a FREE digital proof, so you can see what you ordered, before it’s produced.


Styling your interior exactly the way you want is now possible with the customized carta da parati elefante con cucciolo 2!

This carta da parati elefante con cucciolo 2 is easy to is easy to apply, both by the do-it-yourselfer and the experienced decorator. The wallpaper is produced in an environmentally friendly way and is also PVC free. This makes this type of wallpaper suitable for every (living) space.

What is the difference between pre-pasted and non-woven wallpaper?

The pre-pasted wallpaper has an adhesive layer on the back. The backside glue layer will be activated when it’s in contact with water (!). The wallpaper is then ready for use and can be directly pasted on the wall (self-adhesive wallpaper). This type of wallpaper has a smooth finish and displays the colours and details very sharply.

Non-woven wallpaper comes in multiple textures. These textures are embedded in the wallpaper, and in addition to the beautiful image, also give an extra ‘unique’ accent to the wallpaper. Moreover, this non-woven wallpaper can also be cleaned with a slightly (!) damp cloth. Which makes it ideal for rooms such as a kitchen, hall, bedroom, toilet, but also for the office.

The non-woven wallpaper is assembled by pasting the wall with wallpaper adhesive. Afterwards you paste the wallpaper against the wall.


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